An Eagle In Chains



An Eagle In Chains

by Merle Warman


Venue: Pavilion Theatre, Brighton


Entered into the Sussex Drama Festival


November 5, 7 and 8 1949

Denis Lelliott as Thomas Jefferson Hogg

Iris Page as Emma

Patrick Johnson as Percy Bysshe Shelley

Peggy Deall as Mary Godwin

Beryl Binstead as Harriet Westbrook

Anna Petit as Eliza Westbrook

Donald Halfrey as William Godwin

Gladys Bignell as Woman

Margaret Paveley as Claire Clairmont

Peggy Deall as Mary Godwin

Veronica Joyce as Jane Williams

John Deall as Edward Trelawney

Producer: Cecil Weston

Assistant Producer: Janet Nevill

Stage Manager & Lighting: Fred Patching

Assistant Stage Manager: Diane Hack

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Props: Fred Rance

Stage Hands: Bert Townshend, Jack Silsby, David Flowers

Scenery designed by: Jon Peaty

House Management: Peter Elder

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