by Peter Gullen


29 December 1984 - 5 January 1985

Mark Newland as Wishee Washee

Ken Mandel as Abanazar

Suzanne Roberts as W.P.C. Hi

Joanne Roberts as W.P.C. Ho

Stanley Jones as Emperor of China

Brenda Phillips as Empress of China

Len Boath as Widow Twankey

Vicki Wood as Aladdin

Lucy Mandel as Princess Balroubadour

Paul Brand as Sherbert Holmes

Ian Bishop as Doctor Foster

Glenwys Jones as Genie of the Ring

Barry Heselden as Genie of the Lamp

Victoria Bourne or Christine Slater as Bam

Amanda Ettridge as Tedo

Helen Jolly as Sola

Tanya Mandel as Mefa

Lucille Wood as Dore

Ladies of the Chorus:

          Gill Chapman, Maxine English, Glenwys Jones,

          Elaine Longmuir, Jackie Wicks

Gentlemen of the Chorus:

          Clifford Ettridge, Barry Heselden, Matthew Longmuir,

          Andy Holden, Ian Wyatt, John Danzelman


          Pupils of the Butterworth School of Dancing

Producer: Peter Gullen

Musical Director: Daphne Thornton

Choreographer: Miranda Bowen

Stage Manager: Julie Murrell

Costumes: Pat O’Byrne, Maureen Boath

Properties: Brenda Ettridge, Amanda Malden

Lighting: Patrick Roberts, Cathy Baker

Effects: Bob Ettridge

Continuity: Miranda Bowen

Decor: Iris Roberts, Graham Knapman

Set Construction: Tom Bannister, Mac McIntosh, Alan Knight

Stage Crew: Andy Holden, Tony Jolly,

          Graham Knapman, Iris Roberts

Front of House Manager: Win Heselden

Musical Accompaniment:

           Daphne Thornton (piano), Ernie Hills (percussion)

              The Southwick Players: Reg. Charity No. 227937                   Website sponsored by Harcourt Accountancy

Resident Company at The Barn Theatre, Southwick                   Member of Brighton & Hove Arts Council