A Slice Of
Saturday Night



A Slice Of Saturday Night

by The Heather Brothers

directed by Andy Stoner

December 11 - 15 2007

Eric De Vene: Steve Emery

Gary: Nathan Charman

Sue: Natalie Steele

Rick: Gary Lynn

Sharon: Debbie Day
Eddie: Andy Hutchison

Bridget: Lea Spells

Penny: Charlotte Fane

Club A Go-Go Band:

Keyboards: Jasper Kent

Guitar: Rod Fane

Bass: John Ballam

Drums: Huw Jones

Director: Andy Stoner

Production Assistant: Fiona Cameron

Musical Director: Jasper Kent

Choreography: Katy Markey

Stage Manager: Martin Oakley

Deputy Stage Manager: Nigel Bubloz

Lighting Design: Mike Medway

Sound Design: Phil Olliver

Set Design: Len Shipton

Workshop/Backstage: Len Shipton, Ron Lainchbury.

          Simon Armes, Gary Ruell, Dave Otway, Martin Oakley,

          Gary Somerford, Bob Layzell, Paul Watts

Properties: Di Tidzer

Press Officer: Amanda Solomon

Publicity Team: Sally Diver, Sarah Fulton, Anita Jones,

          Smudge Roberts, Di Tidzer, Martin Oakley, Candy White

House Manager: Amanda Solomon


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