Four One-Act Plays



Four One-Act Plays


No Fair Tomorrow by Gregory Page


Change At The Junction by Margaret Gibbs


Elizabeth In Love by T.B. Morris


According To Law by Noel Houston


Pavilion Theatre, Brighton


April 5-6 1949


April 2 1949, According To Law was our entry into the Brighton, Hove & District Festival of Community Drama


No Fair Tomorrow

Janet Neville: Old Showman

Anthea Penney: Jenny

Jeanne Duly: Beryl

Honor Stephenson: Sybil

George Baker: Ezra

Phil Tester: Willum

Denis Hoad: Harry

Peter Elder: Dick

Mary Coates: Mrs. Sparrow

Edward Scott: Percy

Goff Moore: Albert


Change At The Junction

Malcolm Beadman: He

Joyce Cook: She

John Garnham: Her Son

Elizabeth Clare: His Housekeeper

Mary Gooding: The Old Dear


Elizabeth In Love

Muriel Press: Margaret Edgecumbe

Pat Rogers: Elizabeth Throgmorton

Jane Potts: Elizabeth Trentham

Beryl Binstead: Elizabeth Howard

Anna Petit: Blanche Parry

Sylvia Chatfield: Page

Elizabeth Penney: Queen Elizabeth

June Parker: Kate Carey

Mary Beckett: Mary Radcliff


According To Law
A.B. Pinks: Luke

Denis Lelliott: Jim Nailey

George Baker: Henry Terry

Joe Garnham: Harry Yancey

Peter Elder: Senator Lawrence

Edmund Andrew: George Randall

Robert F. Graham: Charlie Teague

Charles Walker: Harvey

Jon Peaty: Ben Staggs

Pauline Blyth: Mrs. Harkness

General Director: Frederick Lea

Lighting: Frederick Patching

Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Wardrobe: Joyce Cook

Publicity: Mary Beckett


No Fair Tomorrow

Producer: Donald Halfey
Stage Manager: Janet Nevill

Prompt: Ivy Oborne


Change At The Junction

Producer: Charles Walker

Elizabeth In Love

Producer: Molly Andiris

Stage Manager: Joe Garnham

Prompt: Anthea Penney

Costumes: Elizabeth Clare


According To Law
Producer: Cecil Weston

Stage Manager: A.B. Pinks

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