Three One-Act Plays



Three One-Act Plays


Gossip's Glory by T.B. Morris


The Man About The Place by Harold Brighouse


Six Of Calais by George Bernard Shaw


Southwick Community Centre Garden (open air)

Buckingham Park (open air)


June 1949

Gossip's Glory

Robert Graham as Simon

Lilian Wass as Ursula
Ivy Osborne as Matilda

Jane Nevill as Joan
Beryl Binstead as Eleanore


The Man About The Place

Peggy Deall as Maud Cheriton

Peter Elder as Rupert Pengrove
Cynthia Wass as Hester Lathbury

Joe Garnham as Silas H. Banks

Iris Garnham as Susie Paul

Ronald Paxton as Rev. Walter Newton

Margaret Paveley as Sylvia Pengrove

Honor Stephenson as Doris Strickland

Joyce Cook as Jessica Thompson


Six Of Calais
Jack Wingfield as The Black Prince

Michael Rance as John of Gaunt

George Baker as King Edward III

Gladys M. Bignell as Court Lady

June Parker as Queen Phillippa

Chas. M. Walker as Eustache St. Pierre

Frederic Lea as Jacques de Wissant

Frederic Rance as Piers de Wissant

Phillip Browning as Jean d’Aire

Joe Garner as Gilles d’Oudebolle

Donald Halfrey as Pierre de Rosty

Pat Johnson, N. Moloney, Roy Dibley as Men at Arms

Sylvia Chatfield, Elizabeth Claire as Ladies in Waiting

Brian Siggs, John Powell as Trumpeters

Edward Scott, Adrian Wilson as Noblemen

William Maher as Groomsman

Stage Manager: Fred Patching

Technicians: Bert Townshend, David Flowers,
          Fred Rance, Jack Silsby

Music & Effects: Leslie Chatfield

Box Office: Gladys Bignell

General Director: Frederic Lea


Gossip's Glory

Producer: John Peaty


The Man About The Place

Producer: John Deall

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