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The Elephant Man
by Bernard Pomerance, directed by Nettie Sheridan
Based on the life of Joseph "John" Merrick, who lived in London
during the latter part of the nineteenth century.
A horribly deformed young man, who has been a freak attraction in traveling side shows, is found abandoned and helpless and is
admitted for observation to Whitechapel, a prestigious London hospital. Under the care of a famous young doctor,
who educates him and introduces him to London society,
Merrick changes from a sensational object of pity to the urbane
and witty favorite of the aristocracy and literati.
But his belief that he can become a man like any other is
a dream never to be realised.

11 to 14th March 2020

The Naked Truth
by Dave Simpson, directed by Sally Diver

A heartwarming comedy - It’s a woman thing, as five very different women struggle hilariously to conquer pole dancing for a

Charity event to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

As their stories unfold and unravel, they share laughter and tears in this funny but sad and ultimately moving Play.

The Naked Truth is a poignant and uplifting comedy, a call to all women and celebrating strength through adversity.

A show for women, about women, that men must see if they dare!

Cast: Gabby: Tanya Lyons, Sarah: Sharon Churchill

Trisha: Jess Lunn, Rita: Sarah Dawson

Bev: Su Galleymore, Faith: Ellie Wilkins

Interviewer: Claire Coull

8 to 11th July 2020

to be directed by Sarah Papouis

to be directed by Mandy Reeves & Amy Bowyer

2021 Season - subject to rights and date confirmations:

to be directed by H Reeves

to be directed by Harry Atkinson

to be directed by Gary Cook

to be directed by
Nettie Sheridan

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